Friday, May 22, 2009


I will always remember the time my mother tried to tell our guests from the Netherlands that it was carrot cake she was offering them. (Very tasty carrot cake.) She thought long and hard and then declared it "parrot cake".

In that spirit, I found these other funny quotes from when swedes have found the wrong words.

And I remember I read recently somewhere; What do you think a swede means when he says; "There are a lot of easter-lilies in my rabbit"?

... and the cat just climbed my shoulder (like a parrot) and is licking my hair fevrently... -_-


ShadoWolf said...

*rofl* this reminds me of my first meeting with the Irish family I was au pairing for; the dad picked up his three year old son in his arms and rubbed his unshaved cheek against the boy's. We all know what that feels like so accordingly I asked the boy: "is Daddy sticky?" lol, it's so funny when the brain makes shortcuts like that ;D it's even more fun considering the fact that there don't seem to be an english word for "stickig", or?

Kristin said...

I love the one with the Irish person. It became a really lame pick-up line ^_^

Iceye said...

I think "stickig" would be translated "prickly"? Not sure.

ShadoWolf said...

Didn't think of it actually but I suppose it's as close as one gets.