Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I seem to be making a habit of not blogging, but it's as if time is disappearing. Generally, also, truth is that time is disappearing. According to our concept of time as a linear path, I have statistically now put 25% behind me, at the very least. My life expectancy can be seen as slightly on the good side of neutral, since I don't smoke or drink and keep a reasonable weight, but there are things I could do to increase the odds, like excercise more and stop abusing salt.

And I'm just a student. Once I get a job, more time will disappear. A partner, a bigger place, maybe a pet, a kid... where's the time for all this? Other things would have to go. Games. Maybe writing. Visiting faraway people. I would buy shit wherever it's closest, because it's more important to save time than money, but with money one can save time. There's never enough of either.

Feeling like I have an abundance of time is maybe the biggest luxury. No stress, nothing poking at you, no sense of wasting time that you could have done something better with.

Where am I going with this? Well, that's just the question. Where am I going? What's waiting for me down the end of that path, and is it really worth all this scuttling about?


Rik said...

I wonder this myself. What's the best use of time? Spending it, or saving it?

By spending it, I mean doing all these things, all these small things that take time. By saving it, I mean doing nothing - just keeping it around, wallowing in it. It makes no sense to just save something and never use it, so presumably we're meant to spend it, but...

Kristin said...

My grandmother made me one of those embrodieries with a proverb on it that says "Bästa sättet att spara tid är att använda den" - I agree with that. That's why I am always so frustrated when I go some place and people just want to sit at home and do absolutely nothing. I can't help feeling I'm wasting precious time that I will never get backc again.