Saturday, January 30, 2010

Monsters and heroes

I've been trying my hand at drawing monsters. I'm terribly bad at it because a) my usual style is too "clean" for it, b) I'm too careful with shadowing and c) I have a hard time thinking in "fear", be it to draw monsters or write horror. But I'm getting there. Anyway, the internets quickly took me from monsters, to wondering why there are so few pictures of Marrow online. This is her: She is one of my absolute favorite superhero-women ever. Mostly because she gets to tap into that place where women seldome are allowed; in being feral without being sexy, possessing bloodthirst without grace, and most of all getting to be ugly! Her powers, although perhaps not the most scientifically valid among modern-made superheroes, take her where they never dared to take Rogue; where they ruin her appearance, make her outwardly the monster that other mutants hide within.

This subject quickly took me to my male most favorite "superhero" (more like... supermoron) of all time; Deadpool. The general Deadpool-fanbase seem to have accepted Ryan Reynolds.I'm inclined to agree. It's something about the way he moves, which is almost the most important since the proper Deadpool have no face to speak of. Now I want him to go where other superhero-movies have backed off: where we get to see a full transfer of character to the movie screen and not just the parts twelve-year-olds with minds ruined by mainstream hollywood movies would possibly manage to comprehend after two hours. The depth, the dirt, the gleefully grinning faces of the masses every time a mutant takes a blow. The right shadowing.

Ryan Reynolds have, oddly, also been cast as Green Arrow. While I can see why, I think it's a very stupid idea of him to agree to this because if he's going to put his face on one of these characters, he should do it on only one :P but money is money I suppose. Also I suppose and hope Deadpool won't have a face at all. So whatever.

This subject took me to casting of marvel characters, or comic characters in general. This page had lots I agreed with, and a few I didn't. I do not, for example, think Anne Hathaway should be the Scarlet Witch, in fact I don't think she belongs anywhere near a real superhero. She can be Lois Lane if she wants.

The most difficult to cast, ever, for me, is Gambit. I don't know why, it should be simple, there are those I care more about or have more specific characteristics. But there are so many and yet no one that fits as Gambit. The list I linked had Jonathan Rhys Meyers, which must be the most controversial suggestion I've heard so far. He'd have to put on some weight, but sure, he's a viable option. What do you guys think? This is Gambit:
There's many different artist versions of course, but this artist is the one I like best for both him and Wolverine. So who would play him?
Taylor Kitsch?
Josh Halloway?
or more controversially
Vincent Cassel?
Jonathan Rhys Meyers?
To be honest I hate all these alternatives. For some reason.

*melts away into the song* Gawd I forget between the times, but Nickelback is and will always be IT for me. I'm going to start rating singers by how much they sound like Chad Kroeger, because that's really what I do in my head anyway.

*longing for when I get moved in properly so I can bring all my comic books*

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