Monday, January 25, 2010

Only "your favorite..."-question I actually can answer.

Första Kapitlet - Det enda sorgliga i hela boken, men icke desto mindre absolut nödvändigt.
Andra Kapitlet - Vari det sker någonting mycket besynnerligt, som dock har sin naturliga förklaring.
Tredje Kapitlet - Som handlar om Katten och några stövlar, vilka icke voro hans, samt om familjespöken.
Fjärde Kapitlet - Där läsaren får veta några siffertal och göra bekantskap med en osympatisk figur.
Femte Kapitlet - Vari läsarinnorna hållas skadelösa för det föregående kapitlets saklighet genom att bokens hjältinna framföres i en både ståndsmässig och tilltalande gestalt.

This would be the first five chapter "names" in a book from 1905 called Markisen av Carabas. I own for some reason a 1921 edition where they've instead named it Mästerkatten i Stövlar - En Munter Roman (I have no idea why or how, records of book printings from 1921 has proven hard to find, I found the book on Wikipedia only because some famous swedish actors were in a movie made from it in 1918. Because movies are more important than books -_-) It is written by a danish guy called Palle Rosenkrantz, and I have no idea what it's called in original language (possibly the same thing).

I don't know if this book and/or this author is/was famous. I assume it reached some kind of fame since it was made into a movie. I've probably mentioned this book to some people before at some point, because this is a very late post in the sense that I've known what I'm about to tell you for a couple of years. It just hit me that I should make it grandly official. I also have no. fucking. clue how I got this copy, I can't remember if I found it in a second hand store or stole it from my grandparents... I don't know. All I know is, whenever I go somewhere for a longer chunk of time I have to weigh the risk of damaging or losing it versus the idea of leaving it behind because:

I declare this my favorite book of all times. The 21th century can go fuck itself.

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