Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Useless goddamn course

School in 25 minutes, meaning I'll leave in 10 minutes, meaning I should be brushing my teeth right now.

You know why I'm going at all? No, neither do I.

I forgot my window open so when I woke up there was a pile of snow on my windowsill AND ON MY COMPUTER SCREEN AND PS3 CONTROLLERS! That's why I got out of bed so fast. Don't worry, they're safe.

My class notes consist of three things:
notes and drafts on a thing I'm writing that I'm really getting into
philosophical, sometimes ironic, comments on whatever she's talking about
drawings. in pen. they look awful.

I'd get more out of these lessons if I brought my PSP. Yet somehow I feel like I'd socially really miss out if I didn't go, and also, that I need to get out of the house sometimes. Yeah. That's probably the only reasons I go. That and that I start at 2pm. If it was earlier than 12, I don't know if those reasons would weigh so heavily.

Well better get going then.

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