Tuesday, February 26, 2008


This week is vacation. Sunday I was desperate for things to do, but today I'm starting to realize that one week won't be enough, all attributed to different points of view. For one, I want to restore all (or at least some) of my savefiles. My memorycard was stolen again and for good a month or so ago. Considering that there's about 800+ hours put down in ~15 games, I think it might take a lifetime to do it all again. Well, since I'm on stupid computers the week out, I won't be around online much.

I also found an old game called Princess Maker 2. It's silly, but very fun. I mean, it wasn't released in the English-speaking world for being sexist, but whatever. For those of us who don't enforce game-logic in the real world (aside from trying to push Ctrl-z all the time, or looking for a *continue* button) it's fun to see what happens. You care for your daughter from ten to eighteen and try to prepare her for a good life. Apparently it has about 70 different endings; I've gotten two so far. This is probably as close to mother instincts as I ever got =P. It gulps down time as if it was a teenager drinking alcohol, though.

Now I'm going to town to fix my glasses. I didn't break them! They just... broke.

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