Monday, February 4, 2008

Being Absent-Minded

I had something interesting and profound to say, seriously, but I have forgotten it.

The lack of posting is due to being home over the weekend. Going home thursday and staying all the way through sunday was quite an overdose, actually. Unless my edgyness was caused by the generous amounts of chemicals introduced in the form of chocolate and liqorice, it seems I can't handle being with my family for very long anymore. I thought I'd test the hypothesis by not eating any candy of other snacks next weekend (a good practice of discipline and faith too). If it's still a problem, I may have to rethink my plans of studying from home next year. It may still work if I get my driver's licence and live above the garage, but it will take serious self-discipline if I'm to practice driving. Driving is boring. My mind tends to wander.

Going to K-stad tomorrow. Bringing home friends from there. I'm going to flunk my philosophy test because of it, so they better entertain me. =P

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