Thursday, February 14, 2008

Seems I disappeared there for a little while. Well, I've felt for a while now I've just been rambling about whatever and not really contributing to anything but making myself silly, so I was waiting for inspiration to stike, but we all already know it never just "strikes". To my excuse, I've been ill as well as having a bad two last weeks, so there. I've read through some old stuff to remind myself what I'm doing, and as usual most of it isn't half as good as I pretend it is, but the other half I daresay I can live with. That is, though, the half I already posted, so expect nothing new for a while. The problem with being a novel writer, as opposed to short stories, poems or other, is that it may take a year or two for a book to form and finish. I have at least three projects in the air that I like, but have no illusions about finishing within the nearest months. But maybe it's worth the wait, I dunno. That said, I shall retreat back into my corner and continue pretend I'm a functional human being, and hopefully jot down a few words while I'm there anyway. As for everyone else, I wish I could be a better friend, but I guess we all do. There're a lot of things we all do.


Rik said...

I haven't read anything you've written in a while, but you haven't lost the spark of a great writing style. Filling it up with ideas might be difficult for you, but you write well, and I'm pretty confident you could make empty texts interesting too if you just tried.

Not that I think you would ever have to resort to that.

PhaZe said...

I thought you where a "functional human beeing" just like the rest of us? And it's not like you have to rush your projects to get them done, you have a whole lifetime to do so ;)

Iceye said...

Thanks guys.