Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Talk about discrimination... making men stupid.

New political proposal: men should have extra money when staying home with children.
Reasons: 1) to have more men stay home, and 2) to fill the difference between how much money they lose if the man (high pay) stays home instead of the woman (low pay).
Arguments: better with carrots than whips, meaning it's better to make it more desirable to have men stay home than to force men and woman to stay home equally much.

Idiocy: why do men have to be "tempted" to stay home? Can't they figure themselves? Should they have a piece of chocolate every time they're good boys and do their dishes too? Should they be electrocuted every time they choose the picture of the car rather than the doll? Get the pay equal to begin with, then start blabbering about this shit, if the problem even remains then.


Nallenon said...

I'm with you on this one.

Riklurt said...

Isn't the whole idea with feminism that everyone should have a right to behave feminine or masculine or both or neither, whichever they prefer?

Anonymous said...

Did you ever heard of special programs to encourage women to join for example computer studies? Because they are plenty. Are you against them too?