Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Working my stuff

I made a DeviantArt account today and added some stuff to it, just for fun. I'm not really up to managing more than this blog, so I'll just use it as a playground. I mean, it's too big; it's impossible to be seen. I posted two texts there, and after doing that I realized that neither of them are posted here. So just to be fair and square I'm posting one of them here too. The other is connected to Kirya, and I'm not sure I want people who read Kirya to read this yet, so it'll stay in hiding. But this other one, Killer, I like it a lot.

Continuing with controversity:

I'm thinking soon I'll be confident enough to let you guys onto my real NC-17 works; the dark side of my writing, so to speak. You guys do know I write shounen-ai for fun, right? Otherwise I don't know where you've been. (This has no connection to Killer, straight male fans, no danger of boys kissing there!) And I put (almost) as much effort into making it good as I do all other writing; I hate that badly written slashficition crap! So stay tuned!


Nightflyer said...

AAAH! I almost looked at the BBEG!!!

Iceye said...

Sorry, I forgot! I shouldn't have put it up yet! =P Well, only three days left.

Iceye said...
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Nefandus said...

Ooh, big surprise that you're a slash-writer. It's pretty much understood that you're one of those yaoi fangirls :P

Hey, I read slash as much as het myself, anyway. As you say, as long as the writing's good...

I categorize it as such:

Slash - What matters is if the characters and their relationships are interesting. So in cases like Naruto, where there's a large, interesting male cast = more slash.

Het - The same applies to this as to slash.

Yuri - It's aaaawwwriight! Hey, I'm a male.

Threesomes - The best! Narusakusasu ftw. Screw OTPs. Hey, the Naruto "three-member teams" pretty much sets up the situation anyway.

So what fandoms have you written in anyway?

Iceye said...

Well, I don't actually write slash. Literally speaking, you could say I write origial character slashfiction, but as I rather put it, I write shounen-ai. I made vague attempts at real slashstuff, FF, various anime, a.s.o. but I didn't think I was very good at using existing characters without ruining them.

I like, and agree with, your categorization ^^ I've read sadly little yuri, but I basically don't read much fanfics nowadays anyway. Too much crap to sort through.

It's kind of funny how Naruto has become a main target too. But it's probably as you say; those three-members-teams practically ask for it.