Thursday, January 31, 2008

Men of Fear and Panic

The highest mountain in Mars is 26 km high, and the deepest valley 7 km deep. Now, this naturally depends on where people somehow decided zero-level is, since there is no sea level, but either way. It's 33 km between the highest and lowest point. Imagine looking down that mountainside.

Mars must be the coolest planet. I mean, it's fire orange, has the name of a god of war, and its moons are called Phobos and Deimos which means "fear" and "panic". It's called "firestar" in Asian cultures, and it also belongs to the Aries; my starsign ^^ (It also matches the blog look, I just realized =P)

Watched Hellboy again some days ago. It's a good movie, but the final reason I fell head over heels for it is this charcter. For those who read The Return (see left side), he's an almost perfect recreation of Jitsu, and I wrote the story before I saw the film, before I ever heard of Hellboy. Naturally the "archetype" of this character is nothing new, first to come to mind is the slightly disturbing Mugetsu in The Bouncer. But I love the weapons, the masks, and he (Kroenen, not Mugetsu) makes black body suit go from spandex-warning to supersexy. Yes, I said it, even though he's not quite as sexy out of it ^_- I wonder if the actor can actually handle the weapons like that too? I think I have to get the actual DVD with extra material and see if it tells.

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