Friday, May 30, 2008


Forgot to tell about the Tattoo Expo (but Nightflyer filled you in a little, I guess?). Fun. So many ideas, so little time. And so little space! I don't want to cover my entire body in tattoos. =P But I came to think of that if could be a good way to hide my skin-thing. I could totally imagine tattooing the entire left arm, shoulder to wrist, which would cover it up. I thought about piercing my ear, finally (two holes in the right ear, don't want in both) but didn't feel like it right then. I will definitively get a tattoo eventually, but I'll need to pile up some gold first; my treasury is in a sad state.

The evening ended with Iron Man, a most superb movie, though his lovidoviness with Pepper irritated me. Can Hollywood produce one single movie without having to add love to the story? The old "the hero gets the girl", and the old "hero saves girl" really pulled a lot from my final opinion of it.

The Expo all in all resulted in two things: web addresses and phonenumbers to very good artists in case I, in the future, would have the cash to go get a tattoo by a real skilled artist. And this:

This is Carnege. He's a psychopathic alien-infested bad guy in Spider-Man. (Everybody say: "Hello Carnege!")

I saw a photo of him being tattooed to some guy's arm (this exact picture) and I thought... he could make a real good tattoo. I love tattoos that look as if the image is a part of the body, either a pattern following natural lines or something crawling out from underneath the skin. Carnege's loopy symbiot would be perfect for it, while maintaining my nerd-factor. I think it could get really good. ^^ Only problem is to get someone to sketch the final image out; I can't really do this symbiot-thing very well.

I have candy, chips, and a new game. Cheerios!


David said...

I hate to be the pessimist, but why do people want tatoos? They will look (mildly) cool for some 10 years, but as your body changes shape (believe it or not, we won't look like 20-year-olds all our lives) they increasingly remind me of deflated, over-inflated or stretch-out baloon decorations. The first word that pops into my head when I see 30+ people with deformed tatoos is "immature".

The tatoo to get is: no tatoo. Don't do it.

Iceye said...

I don't care about the cool, actually. I like the idea of having a permanent, official mark when I actually know something about myself for sure, since that's so rare. I also don't think old tattoos look so bad, and I can always refill it. As such I'm thinking about having my signature tattooed in the lower right corner of my back as well, like one signs a work.

Only thing I really don't like is people just covering their entire bodies with mindless random stuff, but that's just my personal opinion, if they think it looks good it's their business.