Sunday, May 11, 2008

Russia - Sweden 3-2

Five *fucking* seconds. Five! We dominated the damned game. Sad, pissed, stupid Ovechkin = happy Swedes. It was a physical game, we played with four backs, forwards having to come down playing defense, but did the best game so far. Had a few fights (I keep squealing at them to stop but in the end some fighting belongs to hockey. Even I have to admit that. That is, in part, what makes it superior to, for example, silly football.) and did a few goals. And did I say I hate Ovechkin? This was totally unfair. Being interested in sports, any sport, is like falling in love. If you don't get invested, you don't get hurt. But not being invested is boring. Alright, next game I'll excuse anyone for not watching. It's at 02:00 in the morning. Bleagh.

I really miss skating. I don't know why I don't skate more often. It's the closest one can come to flying. To slide across the ice, feel the speed, the force, the momentum, the friction. Actually it's as if my body enjoys the sheer physics of it, the balance, everything. I can think of few physical activites that beats it. If any.

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