Saturday, May 3, 2008

"Only Spartan women can give birth to real men!"

My view of honor has been seriously fucked up by all comics and books I've read throughout my childhood, so I must say that watching 300 was an enormous experience. I wish I'd had the sense to watch it on cinema, but I had been gruesomely misinformed that it was just a long splasher movie of too much blood, like a prolonged version of the mad crusade-slaughter in Kingdom of Heaven. That is, I believe, the part I like the least in KoH, so I avoided 300 and was idiotic enough to ignore the fact that several of my best liked friends and webcomics continuously kept yelling "This Is Sparta!" at all odd times.

I now stand corrected. I watched it approximately five minutes ago, and my fingers are itching to press the play button again. Just to illustrate how good I thought it was, I can honestly say that I was not once distracted by the disturbingly many (300, I believe^^) half naked and very muscular men in cool looking mantles and helmets soaked in sweat and blood standing around with flexing muscles being zoomed in on every other second. Now that I think of it, I do believe I should press the play button again and pay a little more attention to that fact. Excuse me for a few hours or so.

Oh, and I also watched Stardust. It's like a fairytale (for some reason I'd gotten it into my head that it was Science Fiction, so boy was I in for a surprise). Very cute. Right. Bye.


Rik said...

Wait, you missed out on both our cinema visits to see those movies? Aww, man... I'm so sorry. Those are great and excellent movies.

By the way, you should read your e-mail inbox if you want cute.

Iceye said...

What? What cinema visits? If those were in K-stad, then I am officially sad on you. *pout*

Didn't you make another one? Haven't seen anything, because forest people hide in the forest and don't notice anything going on in the big scary city, and tend to be forgotten... *goes to hide in a corner*

Kristin said...

The Stardust visit was just Rik and Eva as far as I can remember. And I thought you saw Sparta with us. Btw, if you thought Stardust was Sci-Fi you really need to read more carefully about movies, Michelle Pfeiffer playing a witch is a pretty good hint as to genre the movie is.

Sara said...

You didn't see Sparta with us? Poor thing... Good that you saw it in the end anyway.