Monday, May 26, 2008

Existential Writier's Blabberings

Recording of day-to-day mood antics: Kirya sucks. I need to read it through. I need to change loads, I know that before even having read it through. There are loads of stuff that doesn't work. It doesn't say what I want it to say. My characters have no personality. I ruined Obon. What the hell is this latest chapter, what the hell am I trying to do with Shemhazai... why do I always twist and turn the reality in the same damned shape? Why do I make angels the bad guys? That doesn't surve the purpose. Bad writing. And what am I trying to do with Crow anyway? I just changed his personality from the other writing at will. Bad writing.

My other me thinks this is bullshit, but she's a little tired today. I thought it would be interesting simply for my own sake to write this pointless existential blabbering down just to show myself how ridiculus it is. Blogs aren't exactly diaries but... good for me, in a way, to make it "public". Makes it harder to ignore.

Anyways, this was selfish, thanks for listening. ^^


Rik said...

I don't think anyone can ever appreciate how much effort you put into your writing.

Please come over to my house this summer and punch me in the face repeatedly for not reading your stuff. Hopefully that'll get me started on it.

Sara said...

I could happily do that to if you want. Because you should really be ashamed ^_~

Nightflyer said...

I've been waiting for the updates on Kirya for some time now. I will (as always) give feedback on as much as I can when you feel ready to let me read. ^^

Iceye said...

Since it seems unlikely that I'll get a job this summer, I'll get serious about Kirya then. The Muses are an unpredictable breed. Right now I'm finishing off another thing (in swedish, lol) hoping a three-year-project might actually come to a close. =P