Thursday, May 1, 2008


I was going to wait you guys out until you voted on poems, but my patience isn't as great as some people think. ^^ So here's another contribution to the wide world of random information.

Things I'd want to test myself with but don't think I can/want/will arrange:

* Kill, skin, slaughter and cook my own food. A cow maybe. Or a rabbit. Fish don't count.
* Have to deal with a seriously mentally ill person.
* Tame a wild animal.
* Walk along the river here from home to K-stad. Preferably without telling anyone, before or after.
* Be in a real fight. Yes, I know I can't fight, that's not a factor.
* Be really drunk. No, I haven't been, I'm cheap and afraid of the maybes.
* Watch a human die.

There are probably more, can't think of any right now. Since most of my readers are the people they are, I think you'll understand what I mean with this. Experience. True knowledge.

But a few of these I really hope I will arrange in my lifetime.


Sara said...

I think that I understand what you mean. Also I think everyone has one of these lists (if so only as loose thoughts in one's head), and that if everyone compared them, they would very much resemble each other. I guess there as some things that everyone should experience...

Iceye said...

Yes, I think so too. Well, some of them could cause real trauma too, but if handled the right way, I think all of these make one a stronger person.

Rik said...

I think rabbits are generally a better choice for what to eat. They're just a whole lot easier to take care of, plus you don't need as much special knowledge as you do with a cow.

Also, wouldn't it make more sense to walk from K-stad and back home? That way you'll have the possibility of relaxing when you get home. Then again, maybe that makes it less challenging, I dunno.

What qualifies as a "real" fight? Intentions to harm, or intentions to kill? Or no intentions, just the possibility of serious harm?

Why not try marijuana instead of alcohol? Some studies show it's got less long-term detrimental effects. Then again, of course, some studies show videogames make people kill people.

I have no comment about mentally ill people, wild animals, or dead humans.

Iceye said...

Yes, I generally think rabbits are wiser. However, I don't necessarily have to do it alone, so with the cow, as long as I'm actually the one killing the animal, others could help with the knowledge of how to do the rest.

No. This one is hard to explain. Just like why not tell anyone? But no.

A real fight would be one where I have no idea and no control over what my opponent does. As such, a staged fight would do fine, as long as I don't know it's staged. It's mostly a study in how I would react to the prospect to and the actual hostility and pain.

In the case of alcohol it's simply to be able to say that I have tried it and no, it wasn't for me, so that I can defend my decision to not drink (that I intend to enforce later in my life) with honor. I suppose that drugs would work too, since I pretty much consider all of them the same in principle.

Right. ^^ I hope that cleared that up.

PhaZe said...

Mentally ill as in a psychopath or as a braindamaged person?

Getting into a fight is rather easy, go to party and push some random person into the wall. Voila it's on. And it is usually alot more fun afterwards then it is during the fight.

Getting real drunk is not a problem either, doing it while alone is not recommended if you haven't been wasted before. Just bring some random friends and be sure to drink more then you can handle. I'm sure they will tell you when it's enough ;)

Iceye said...

Mentally ill would qualify as someone having some sort of mental disorder, not someone being retarded. I'm not sure how this is cathegorized in medical terms. (Even though the use of retard is correct in this context, it still feels weird writing it. I need to toughen up.)