Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Knowledge 2

More things I'd like to do, in the name of subjective knowledge:

* Smash a window (or any glass) with the little hammers designated that purpose found in busses.
* Meet my grandparents back in the time before they were grandparents.
* Learn a part in a real play (or part thereof) written by someone else and in a serious manner, but not necessarily for performing in public.
* Learn to ride a horse.
* Work real charity shit, like in Africa or something.

In other news: back from Uppsala. Sorry you guys I didn't get a chance to talk to you more seriously, which I would have wanted, things went kind of fast and I was really tired. Hospitals tend to drain energy as if I was a zombie with a barrage of regen cast onto me - and they stacked.


PhaZe said...

Actually using that hammer found in busses aren't as amusing as one might thing. I prefer throwing rocks or other large objects. Gives more of a "uffff" :P

Riding horses are also fun, and I can't believe that you never have seeing how you are from a small town.

David said...

What is the education you've applied to? (three posts below, I know I'm off topic) Can't figure it out, but it sounds cool.

Iceye said...

Phaze: "small town = horses" is a strange equation to make all of a sudden =P I was never that kind of horse-girl and the nearest riding school is pretty far away.

David: "Verktygsteknik". Basically making the instructions (on a computer) for a huge machine that then creates (cuts, mostly) the object which I have instructed it to. Usually in metal or plastic. Like car parts.

PhaZe said...

Well it's not really a strange equation, small towns usually equals farms and similiar around it. I never went to a riding school, and I never would have either, but there was plenty of neighbours or friends who gave me the oppertunity to try it out a few times.

Kristin said...

Hmm, I think the problem is that you assume that small-town farms are common in the forest, which they are not. There are no more farms around Ekshärad or Grängesberg than there are around Karlstad. Forest people tend to cut down trees or mine for a living :)