Friday, May 9, 2008

Denmark-Sweden 1-8

Hi. I will assume you are all watching the Hockey World Championship, and cheering for our boys. The only excuses for not watching it I will accept are:

You have IB exams.
Finding a TV would be accompanied by mortal danger.
You are blind. (But then you should at least keep track of the results on radio.)
You are not Swedish. (In which case you, obviously, cheer for another team.)

If you're not interested in the sport itself, why not come over and watch me yell at the tv?


Kristin said...

To begin with: ice hockey WC is boooring. And if I were to watch a game it would not be when we play against Denmark! The only sports where Denmark are worthy rivals are football and handball...

Iceye said...

See, I told you I wouldn't accept that excuse. And I intended in no way to point out Denmark especially, I just recited friday's results for the world. I cannot see the relevance of your comment, darling. =p

PhaZe said...

Hockey is not a sport of interest at all, so I was doing more interesting and fun things. But it's nice to see that we won against Denmark, how would we be able to cope with our lives otherwise :P

Nallenon said...

No sports are interesting to watch, at all, for any reason.
The only possible exception being American-Elephant-Water-Kamikaze-Polo. With Superpowers. In Space.

..Or Brockian Ultra Cricket.

Eva said...

I made arrows. I find it a valid reason.