Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mr. Cat

Made some half-assed attempt at new coloring which proved too time-consuming to actually be worth it. This didn't get at all like I imagined. In another world where I wasn't lazy as hell, I'd learn how to make it look like his knives were glowing. =P But I think it tured out better than the pencil original, which is cool. Coloring realistic skin and eyes are hard! So screw that, I'll stick to the more cartoonish style from now on.

And dudes, what happened to "yes, ms, of course we'll vote on your poems, we just forgot, let me tell my girlfriend and we'll get right on it"? Huh?


Sara said...

Sorry >.< forgot again. Well I've read through the poems once more and I am finding it really hard to pick just some of them. You know how much I love "Past Future". Other than that it's a tough call. "Hänsyn för de dummas skull" is a favorite, if it's suitable for the composition only you can tell. I also like "Det är samma natthimmel var vi än är". "Morgonljus" is really cute and easy to identify with :P

Iceye said...

Det är kul att den enda både du och Kristin nämnt är Morgonljus XD

Nightflyer said...

Dikter är inte min grej. -_-'

Jag har ingen favorit. Jag vet inte om jag tycker att någon av dem är bra eller ens dålig.

Hm, jag har iaf inte lovat att rösta... =P

Nightflyer said...

Jag gillar bilden och den nya looken på bloggen också. =D Skuggningen är fantastisk!