Friday, September 7, 2007

About the Charlies

Like someone kindly commented, for now I'm writing about some people in codenames since I have no idea what they would think about me writing about them here. I do use codenames that will mean that people who know them will know it's them, so maybe it's kind of useless.

Besides, Charlie1 and Charlie2 doesn't seem like the world's most timid people either.

So... maybe it was an unnecessary precaution. Charlie1 is named Alexander (and is, in terms of metrosexuality, spookily alike the last Alexander I knew, though he dresses in a more Squall-manner than alternative pop-manner) and also wears a Squall-necklace, Charlie2 is named Anna and is... well... I'm not sure how to describe her. She plays wow. She quotes corny internet movies all the time. She's blonde. And she's kind of hot, I'm sure a lot of people would say. She's also smarter than she seems at first. I really hope she doesn't read this. =P

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