Thursday, September 13, 2007


When I woke up this morning I thought today would suck. Mainly because I'd deliberately overslept (if acting on behalf of a malevolent depression gnome only active on mornings counts as deliberatly) and thus missed my breakfast. Meaning I would not have eaten for 19 hours by lunchtime. Luckily I was treated to a bun and three bits of sugar that took me through the last 3.

We visited Gustaf Frödings house, that was not his house, yet his house, only rebuilt and remodeled and... whatever. It was booooring (but the girl speaking was really cute) until I got my hard earned sugar and some old, cool actor showed up to read poems in my own home dialect, which was really nice.

What made this day not only lack the sucking part but also turn out quite nice are following:

1) Cute half-goth boygirl, aka Therese, came to make sure I hadn't overslept so I wouldn't miss the bus. Like many great people have said; feeling wanted and needed is right up there on the list with food and sleep.
2) After the poems we got to stay in Karlstad for a while and eat lunch (for school money). We went to Myrorna and poked around the clothes section, and I bought a t-shirt. First time in a long time I'm satisfied about any piece of clothing I've bought.
3) Got to draw doodles on Therese's arm the whole bus drive home.
4) Our bus driver looked like a retired Wolverine. (Alexander claimed he looked more like Beast, but I know best.)
5) All homework for tomorrow is finished and relieved of performance angst.
6) I got Wolverine to drive me into Munkfors so I could pick up the package of books I've been waiting for. I also bought some salty licorice.
7) We got pasta for dinner.
8) I'm on cleaning duty, and crawled on my knees vacuuming around five boys dying at one boss in some odd game for SNES, and for once I'm not the geek wasting my time while other's work!
9) I'm going to spend most of tomorrow translating and practicing poems with my fave french boy, and
10) Tomorrow we get chicken nuggets for dinner.

So there. The list of how to make me happy.

Yeah, and Sara called. Sara, listen to "My Best Friend" by Jennifer Brown.

I need to call Rikard.

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