Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Blue Pills

Overslept this morning. Or, I dunno if you can call it oversleeping when you do it on purpose... I hate mornings. And I hate having to go to bed at night, when I'm finally beginning to wake up properly. The world is so nazi to us bats.

As someone here would say: "Asså, det tycker jag är diskriminering." ^^

When I forget (=stop) to take my medicin I get the Worst. Craving. For. Candy. Ever. And then I get a little dizzy in the afternoon/night. Which always ends up with me taking my medicin again for a week or two, enough to feed this evil circle. (The reason I try to stop is that I want to stop: I don't think I need it anymore and it's expensive.) Sometimes I also go all depressed and whiny on your asses. Which scares me, because what if I become like that always if I stop? And then I want to snack on those little blue pills forever. A feeling that never lasts after I begin eating them again. I think I need to call my doctor (who, by the way, is a total hottie and sweetheart. I seriously considered asking her out, but I don't have the balls for it, which is why I'm now reluctant to call her).

*kicks myself* Go to bed!

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