Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Walk

I dreamt about trying to walk home barefoot from this really weird place. Sand, snow, gravel, strange plants, climbing hillsides, following this road that would take me home. At first we were a group of friends, but once we came to snow they stopped. I was afraid to walk across snow because it would cut me, but once I'd passed the first patch of hardened white crystal, the rest of the snow turned to soft new powder that was cold and gentle to step on.

I tried to hitchhike with an old couple and a hotshot in a cab, but both ignored me. Military vans passed me going the other direction, I never saw anyone inside them, not even a driver. I walked through a shallow sea where the bottom was made out of pumpkins that felt like peaches to step on, and the last few meters were so deep that I had to swim even if I didn't want my clothes and stuff wet. I saw lots of people enjoying the nature and trying to buy souvenirs, but they all had shoes.

Finally I ran across a plain of soft succulent cacti without thorns to catch a scrappy ugly old bus. By then I had lost all sense of direction, but the driver told me that it would take me home.

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