Friday, September 21, 2007

Wrong and Right

If you tell me an idea or a theory I can tell you what's good and bad about it, but I can't tell you if it's wrong or right. Simply because I don't think life is in any way wrong or right. Everyone must make that out for themselves.

I can make almost any proposal sound really profiting, or really unprofiting, the problem lies in belief. My beliefs change as I go along, and I'm too much of a perfectionist to say anything because I know chances are it will change later.

What I also discover is that people are really reluctant to give all information. I don't want to be fed an opinion, I want to know everything pro and con and then weigh it in my own head. But feeding opinions is just what politicians do. If this is a democracy, and we are the ones who lead this country together, then we must also understand what we're doing.

Are people generally too uninterested, too stupid, too lazy or too naïve to see this? I vote for stupid, possibly naïve. It's not about shouldering your own responsability, it's about seeing the world as it really is, without the roses and petals. I know that when I'm too lazy to take the bike, I release more killing gases into the air with the bus. Taking my responsability is to on the final day look into God's eyes and say; Yes, I did that, now send me to Hell if you want.

To be a wo/man that I can respect, one must be able to kill a man, then stand up and say; I know it was wrong, but I did it for my own good reasons, I will take my punishment and burden. (This, on the other hand, does not necessarily mean that you confess in front of the law. It means you know of both the good and the bad about the deed you have done, and that you're ready to live on.)

This is my faith. That it is the freedom of man to do wrong if he so wishes, with his full awareness and consent.


Sara said...

Du beskrev halvt just Luther och hans syn på människans relation till Gud. Hmm inte för att det är alls relevant...=P

Iceye said...

Hm, jag kan ingenting om Luther, men det kan va sant. "Det är Guds plats att döma, inte människans" typ, eller hur?