Monday, September 24, 2007

Intimidating Internet Irons


I passed two hours on the phone with Sara last night, and after that, stupid as I am, I was just going to check up on some stuff on Jeremy Irons, because I watched the Lion King last Friday and he does the voice of Scar. Naturally I got stuck until 3 in the morning. The man has the *lovliest* voice, and I found YouTube clips of him singing the songs from My Fair Lady. He was something like 39 in those clips, and so damned handsome. He's something like 59 now, but surely doesn't look like it. I should start dating older men. If only I didn't feel so intimidated by them.

Talking about intimidation, I always feel like I get desized by talking to other people. I go into a conversation feeling fairly confident and natural, but ending up feeling like I'm 7 and everyone else is not. But it's probably just an illusion. I was a bitch at 7. Not that that has anything to do with anything.

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Sara said...

Sorry I kept you up :( Fick i alla fall en klar bild av vad snyggingen tycker idag, och det visar sig inte vara helt hopplös, bara nästan...