Monday, September 3, 2007


Went home for my mother's birthday on saturday. Then she told me she'd moved the party to friday, so I'd missed it, and she hadn't informed me. It's like they assume that I come home to them because I should come home every weekend. I just wanted to celebrate her birthday and meet the gramps and everyone. I'm a little pissed, actually, especially that she treated it like it was nothing.

I wonder if I am bi? I dismissed it before, but now I'm wondering again. Mainly because of a pretty half-goth boygirl. Not that I'd have any chance on her. I wonder if I should really write that here... =P

Attended a "party" here on friday. Had nothing to drink, so I ended up playing Mah Jong until 4 in the morning, when I could get some sleep. The walls are everything but soundproof. But it's okay, I don't usually sleep on weekend nights anyway. Having some guys play Wii Sports outside my door at 11 pm. last night was slightly irritating, though. (today is monday)

Should be watching said boygirl play floorball right now. Might gather the courage to next week. As long as I can avoid invitations to play. Don't wanna show her how much I suck, at least not yet =P

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