Saturday, September 8, 2007

Ooooh lord. I have no idea why I didn't go home this weekend, seeing as I have nothing do to here but play computer and seem like a complete idiot to everyone else. I'm sweing on what will become a checked vest back home, and I'm really anxious to finish it, cause I know it'll be handsome as hell. So why didn't I go home? Life is strange.

As for the LAN I was supposed to be on this weekend and that I skipped for no real reason... to be honest I wasn't all that up for it either.

Electricity has behaved like a mother on anti-depressants today, coming and going on a whim. Threw me out of Wow something like four times, three of them in really bad moments. It also left me in the dark in the bathroom, killed the stove when Kristin tried to cook, killed the tv when fifteen people were watching a movie - four times or something - ... and so on. I can imagine Anna's screams of frustration echoing through their boarding house when it killed her raiding.

And just so you know: I hate, hate, hate, hate STV.

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