Friday, September 28, 2007


I am so dead tomorrow, but I found this webcomic, and I put the link in the Webcomix link-collection (left side) and I just had to finish reading until today's post. Last Blood, that is. Crowfeathers did basically the same thing to my sleep, and it's just a matter of taste which is better. They're both serious, the art is mindblowing, and the thought rather different from the other comics I have there. Read them! At least one! Come on!

I have so much respect for manuscript writers for comics (and the artists of course)! Comics are such an underestimated storytelling medium! It should be included in litterature courses, because the written word, and the order it is presented in, is just as important as in novels or poems. I wish I could "think comic", I bet I'd become a better writer by it.

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