Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Short Story

Puh, finally finished that short story for school. I put it up too, since I think it turned out quite nice, though we had a page limit of 4 or it would have been a lot longer and a lot better. I named it Storm, but I suck at titles. And it is in Swedish.

Today we had café-night and Mickael (I hope I spell it right) read a poem in French and I read in Swedish, for half the school or so. It was a really nice poem, and I think we did well, and I think if I write a poem in Swedish that is good enough I might read it there. I'm really becoming more used to the limelight (though I know I pretend otherwise out of habit). You know, how am I supposed to live off of writing if people don't know about me?

The poem was called "Dejuner au matin" or something like that. "Breakfast", that is, but I think I'll put it up somewhere here or a link or something. I really liked it, though it's simple. But now I'm going to go to sleep.

(I can't turn off my computer because I've forgotten my password -_- I'm so stupid)

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