Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cosmo Canyon

Hello and welcome to "let's be a fucking ff-nerd" with The Iceye.

Today's installment will publish a text that, next time you play ff7 or if you are a premium member and have the music separately, you may sing along the tones of Cosmo Canyon (or as it also is called, Red XIII's Theme, I think). You may then be amazed by my genius. (I guess I should say I wrote it a while ago and rediscovered it now, but it wasn't so long ago that ff7 was young and active then either.)


Deep deep down the canyon
oh hear the child's voice echoing pure:
"Have you seen the warrior
who's gone away?"

High high up the mountain
oh hear the eagle's thundering words:
"I have seen the warrior
he's gone away."

verse 1
"Oh eagle proud, what did you see?
Did he fight or did he flee?
What the spirit coursing through my veins?"

"Fooling child your heart is weak
nonwithstanding is your belief!
Trust the truth that hammers in your soul
like a warrior should!"

verse 2
"Oh eagle wise pray tell me how
shall I live my life now?
Naught remains where once I had a home."

"Blinded child, your purpose is clear:
those he left, they still remain here.
A home for you, now guard it with your blood
like a warrior should!"

Since the music loops, I should tell you that I regarded the point where it starts when you enter the area as the beginning. Looking at the notes, I noticed that Square didn't consider it that way, but whatever. Thanks for listening, and don't forget to tune in next week!


PhaZe said...

Now that was something I did not expect to read on your blog *grins*

Iceye said...

Do I taste irony? ^^

phaze said...

I'll let you decide that hehe, but it was well written none the less.
But I really do think you should sing it for us, could be rather interesting.

And! Your never on msn

Iceye said...

Well, I'm obviously not going to sing it in the dining hall ^_- though I've been singing on it here in the house for some days now.

As for msn, it's the poison of our time. I'm not an overly social person, and being on msn means forsaking all other things, important or not, just to stare at a screen waiting for the other person to answer. Bloody waste of time, most of the time.

Phaze said...

Well was more thinking of doing it infront of the class. :P
Well, sitting on MSN and not doing anything else on the side is a waste of time, but it's always nice as passive entertainment :)

Iceye said...

Class? I haven't been singing for two years, I'm hardly ready for the big stage, pal ^^.
It's just hard to find something to couple with that passive entertainment; if I'm at the computer I'm either writing or gaming. It's easier with a portable computer.