Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Long beards and plaits

I read about Jews, and thus far, they seem by far the traditional organized religion that most reflects what God must really be. Some Jews, I suppose orthodox mostly, do not accept converting, because they were a chosen people. I think it's an admirable stand. And as for all those born not being a Jew, if they're good, God will take care of them anyway. Listen, if God is good, why would he actively give people reason to murder, like asking them to force religion upon other? How is that mercy? How is that faith? As for where evil comes from, I think it comes from our own minds. I read a book written by a Jew about their religion, and it says that in each and every case of crime, one must look to all circumstances, one must have compassion. Thus, I think, evil is subjective. Only God can judge. We must punish where we can do nothing else, but we must not judge.

We all break down sometimes. According to many of the elder generation, it's because we're all sissys. I think it's cuz we're godless. Not in the blasphemous, burn in hell way, but in the way that we have no faith. I admire the hero that stands up for his cause even when the whole world comes down on him, but would I do it? I would have to have faith. Immense faith in everything, in anything. I don't think my generation was brought up to have that faith.

Well, I'm not blaming anyore for not having faith, it's not something you can just get, like a banana from the supermarket. It's something that has to be planted and nursed into growing, and sometimes we can't do that nursing on our own.

Excuse me if I'm crying, I was watching an episode of The L Word.


Sara said...

Well, as I've told you before, I really think that judaism is indeed admirable. We could all learn a lot from the Jews.

As for breaking down, I think it has always been that way. But as you say, it could be the case that we find it harder to face that breakdown and recover from it. There are a lot of existential ideas that gives faith that does not include God. As you say I think the most important thing is that we have faith in something. The hard part is to find it.

Riklurt said...

In a way, I agree. I've been saying this for a long time, ever since we saw 300. It's a silly example, yeah, but I think "epic" has become so popular in this day because nothing seems epic to people without faith.

We want something that's bigger than ourselves, that's worth fighting for, but we find nothing, so we make movies of it instead.

Nightflyer said...

The L Word! On TV? If you have them on your computer you just must give me copies!!!!

Iceye said...

*looks both ways*
I burned the first season, so come get it. ^_-