Monday, January 7, 2008


There's no heartbreak, no sound of death
there's no pain to be left
there're no tears, no river of blood
there's no promise of words unsaid.

There is nothing to describe,

No stories to be told
No masks they must uphold
No treacherous the tought
No feelings to be wrought

There is nothing to describe,
nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing

'Cause it's just a man leaving
walking out the door
who has left a hundred times
and will leave a hundred more
and wheather he'll be back in just a day
or just a year
it's just a man leaving

just a man leaving,
not just any man.

I need music-friends who can write music for my texts. Feels like we're sufficiently proficient in all skills necessary in our gang, except music. Or?


Nightflyer said...

Yeah you're right... We almost had one you know. Alex!

Iceye said...

ah goddammit =p

Eva said...

Hey! I'm completely out of thought here?

I'd love to write music to texts. The problem is that I don't wanna destroy them, so I need something to begin with, sorta like a theme, or a style.

Iceye said...

I was wondering if you'd show up ^^ Well, I figured, the text in itself inspires a sort of mood, or theme, or whatever. But yeah, maybe that's too harsh. Well, I'm not saying you have to write any or anything, but as a sidenote, I imagined something soft but reasonably upbeat, and nothing grand and loud lika a ballad.

Athela said...

yeah, that was my point. My thoughts about it was a ballad. But I think I converted it in my head to some kind of bitter statement, dunno, like hallo saferide/säkert-style.

Nothing epic you say. Then no epix there are.

Iceye said...

I don't know what either hallo saferide or Säkert sounds like. ^_^'

Maybe I overemphasized on the "no ballad" thing. It is a ballad of a kind, I guess. And wooo, not bitter =p more... sad, I think.

Haha, I'm way to picky. Just do what you want, I'm sure it'll be good.

Athela said...

Nawh, I'm not sure what I want either. I made the part whom starts with "there is nothing to describe" to the five "nothings" to chorus, and the leaving part to stick.. but I need some more work on t he verse.. because I don't know how you could make it sound good.

The melody is.. very mainstream. Do not kill me for it.