Wednesday, January 23, 2008

In Tribute To A Father

I declare the rest of the week in a state of global sadness. The most handsome, talented, normal, underestimated, beautiful blonde of Hollywood as left us.

Heath Ledger, the world will miss you.

I could have seen him being talked about in the future like the new grand star, the type of person we'd pass on to our children in forty years. Brokeback Mountain, A Knight's Tale, The Brothers Grimm, Casanova; we've discovered in him something most people say is impossible to find from a little pretty-boy; true talent.

For those who don't know, the media coverage have been shamefully thin, he was found dead in a hotel room, the only clue was loads of bottles of different sleeping pills. I know I've found him nervous and a little upset in the interviews I've seen from a few months after Brokeback and up till now, but damn, it's Hollywood, everyone acts strange.

Either way, the focus must not be on how he died, but how he lived. And even more on the fact that he has a daughter, who is so young that she probably won't remember her father.

And I don't know why this upsets me so much. I wasn't that much of a fanatic fan. But it really, really does. It feels really strange, as if I could shake my head and see the next newspaper headline saying he's about to do this-or-that movie, that it's all just a silly hallucination. Mostly because there is no way, no reason, no logic in that he would die now. He was one of those stars you can't imagine doing anything stupid and dangerous. Had he been hit by a car, I think I could have understood better. But by his own doing, accident or not? No.

I'd ask everyone to give him a thought once in a while and not forget him. And as the only point of light, it appears the filming for the new Batman movie, The Black Knight, was finished and it will be released as planned. If for nothing else, I will worship it for the fact that it almost seems as if he wanted to finish it before passing on. It actually scares me a little that he dies after playing the role of The Joker; perhaps the creepiest comic character ever.

May You Rest In Peace.


Nightflyer said...

Surprisingly I am sad because of all this. He was getting better and better at the whole acting thing. I was thrilled when I found out that he would play the Joker in The Black Night.

I mean he wasn't quit up there with the big boys yet, but if he had only gotten a few more years he would have been. I'm sure of this.

Like a light getting strong only to go out.

People are whispering of an Oscar for his Joker...

Iceye said...

oh god...

PhaZe said...

I was in a schock when I heard it myself this morning, A Knight's Tale is one of my all time favorite movies, so from there he has been one of the actors that I go "Oh, he's in that movie, I'm gonna see it."

Sad day indeed.

Iceye said...

Alexander had us watch Brokeback Mountain last night, and I kept thinking, in fifteen years his daughter will watch this movie, and all other movies he's made, to try to understand who her father was? I was so damned close to crying. He should have gotten an Oscar for Ennis Del Mar, it's a fucking insult that he didn't!

Sara said...

Yes he should have, he soo should have! It feels kind of insulting to give him an Oscar now, like if it was only because of his death. I mean, he didn't get it before when he really deserved it, so why give it to him now? I'm pissed.