Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Lion

This lion doesn't have anything to do with anything, and neither does its club. I used a new coloring technique; I cloned the colors from a picture of a real lion and then painted them on top of one another with 20-50% fill to get the shadows, and the same with the wood and metal of the club. Thanks to Anna for mentioning the cannibalism and the zebra, or his clothes would have been coniderably less fitting.

And the person to blame for me putting this up and not keeping to the "global sadness week" is Phaze. I'm still really shaken up.


PhaZe said...

Woohoo! Actually it looks really good, just wondering, who is he going to smash with that overly huge club? Because c'mon, thats a grin of destruction he's got going there.

Iceye said...

I dunno, a zebra? Feel free to let him smash whatever you want; I'm quite sure it's his purpose in life - smashing things. ^_^