Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Story Of My Life 1

I haven't posted in a day or two, and I have nothing worth your time to say ^^ So with no further due, I'll tell you a bit about my life for the moment. Don't worry; if you don't read it you won't miss anything big like my pregnancy or anything. ^_-

On writing:
I wrote a story a week ago, app, but I will try to do as King adviced and not let anyone read it before I've let it rest a few weeks and then read it again myself. It's also in swedish, because I felt I needed to go back to the roots, start over a little, to get back the feeling. It worked reasonably well. But then I had to write a short story for school, based off an assignment from King's book, and whooey, I am not a horror writer. I'm more the psychological reactons and re-reactions type, than outright smashing of ankles. It ended up okay, even if I had severe trouble with how to end it without making it silly, considering that dead children is no small thing. I think I'll rewrite the second part soon.

On The L Word:
I got hooked. It's easy to do that with TV series (even as I said I was going to not watch so much). I've seen the first two seasons now, and I have to admit, watching in one streak does get tiring. I'm pretty much only watching for two reasons now; Shane, wow Shane, btw, but anyws, and knowing that somewhere in season 3 or 4 Max shows up. I wish I looked like Shane. And had a girlfriend like Carmen. That would be the day.

On Make-Up:
It's getting more and more important to me to look the way I want to look. So with the spare money I have, it's probably off to the city one of these days to refill my underfed make-up case, and get an eyeliner that doesn't suck donkey ass. Okay, and here is where I digress: in my head I'll start only buying clothes that I really want, practice make-up till I get the look I want, start working out, take better care of my skin... and so on. How much of this that will really happen is up to God. But I've had this kind of idea before, and every time I manage to do it a little more and a little longer, so one of these days, i swear...

On Cell-Phones:
I may regret changing phone and provider as much as I want; I'm legally stuck with it for two years. So I have finally changed my number back, and the deal will be closed the 30th of Jan. Don't worry, I'll remind y'all then.



Nightflyer said...

Oooo... Smink ^^

Det låter som en bra idé att pröva det. Inte för att jag tycker att du behöver smink för att se bra ut. =P

I'm with you about Shane. Fast jag vill ha hennes personlighet. Eller en vän (kan ju inte säga flickvän längre ^^) med den. Det var bara på grund av henne, och Max, som jag tittade på serien egentligen.

Eva said...

I think the trick is to start with a little. Like.. mascara. (or in my case; orange!) it's not too difficult, and easy to implement in your daily life :D Then graduately increase it :)