Saturday, January 19, 2008

I Have A Dream

I had a dream of waking lands where everything was gone
where every story had been written and sung was every song.
I had a dream where time had ended and night and day was one
and I saw the stars sharing heaven with the glory of the sun.
I had a dream where shouts of joy and wails of grief had ceased
where all the needs were satisfied and all the wants were pleased.
I had a dream of perfect peace without apple, without snake
but nothing ever happened there, so I hurried to awake.

(And I'll ramble a little to not make it two posts:
Tobias was on in Let's Dance tonight, it seemed the people watching it with me tired of my repeated statements of how handsome he was, how good he dressed, how beautiful his choreography is, and how he absolutely must not be voted out. Then I realized I was actually cheering for him because of his appearance rather than his actual contribution to the competition, and I was ashamed. From now on I shall simply enjoy every moment of his screentime and keep that as a separate form of entertainment from the show. After all, it's Dilba wer're supposed to evaluate. (Well, not that I actually vote.) But do admit; he is easily one of the top three when it comes to choreography, no matter how objective one is.
And who anticipated that Tony Rickardsson would be the king of the dancefloor? Well, I did. Because, listen, there are two types of men that makes out the absolute crème de la crème of manliness and physical perfection, who has strength, agility, stamina, and fingertip feeling; if you find one with good personality, then you've scored top of the food chain, baby. They are as follows; dancers and speedway drivers. And that is definitively the most indisputable thing I have ever said.)


Sara said...

Like your poem, couldn't agree more ;P. But when it comes to Tobias and his looks...well I'm just not gonna comment upon it...

Dilba is great though, and so is Tony Rickardsson. I think you're right when it comes to that physical perfection-thing and speedway drivers... I NEED A MAN!!

Nightflyer said...

Hahaha =D So go get one girl!

I liked the poem too, but as always I have no idea what you want to say with it. -_-' I like the pictures it gives me from reading it.

Nightflyer said...

Oh! Haha, my stepfather and Tony Rickardsson are related. =P

Iceye said...

Hm, and I who thought I might be too obvious in my poems, too simple language, that I should upgrade the symbolism and general flummishness more. But okay. You relieved me of that problem. And also, poems doesn't always have a point... though this one does =P

I swear, the entire of Värmland could be linked together by blood one way or another.

Nightflyer said...

Funy thing... 'cause they are both from dalarna. =P

Iceye said...



right. I know. I mean, I should know. whatever. same shit.


Sara said...

Haha even I knew that ;P