Sunday, January 6, 2008

Who's that g---?

Been kind of off on the blogging lately, just haven't been at the com. Friends, family, holidays, and new games, y'know. And I wasted this evening, my last in freedom for another seven weeks or so, on watching Mean Girls on some random channel... why did I do that? I hate Lindsay Lohan. If anyone's plastic, it's her. Oh... oops. Let's not go down that road ^_-

Today is good because:
*I happened to stumble across the episode of Ghost Whisperer where JC Chasez has a cameo. And he looks at his absolute best, and plays a music producer, and does not have that long curly hair he had for a while that forced me to avoid his picture.
*I got to see the commercial for Let's Dance (sweden) two times, and the guy there, who I seem to remember is named Tobias, is totally cute, which is nice even if you never get to see his face in the actual commercial.
*And this was yesterday, but me and some friends watched Zoolander, and it has some of the best cameo appearances I have ever seen. (Is it called cameo?)

Hm... lists are good when you have nothing to say. Here's another, less cheery and appearance obsessed one.

Having a neural problem with my leg sucks because:
*I can't dance, and I would kill to be able to dance. Well, professionally. I still think I can dance okay. I got da rythm, man.
*I can't do martial arts, and I would totally be able to kill if I did martial arts.
*I fall behind when taking walks with people, and sometimes people don't even care when I do.
I had more posts on the list, but it became so depressing that I decided to end it here. These are the tree things that matter most to me, anyway.

I liked the first list better. ^^ And I sound like a bimbo in this post (or the voice in my head that reads what I write to test how it sounds sounds like a bimbo) so I apologize (if that voice actually makes a difference on how I write, which I think it does, but I have been proven wrong often, and if anyone actually notices and/or cares).

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