Friday, October 5, 2007


Oh, and by the way, I tried out a new drawing program (which sucked so I switched back to Photoshop) and ended up drawing a "first page" for a Kirya-comic. Thing is, the first ten pages of a comic is dreadfully boring to draw, so I never get to the fun part until I tire, or start sucking so bad I have to stop. So I'll never be a comic artist unless someone writes me a good script (I can't really think comic). Also, drawing the same person 20 times can be dreadfully difficult.
I did get some nice ideas and a little confidence from watching the video of how Quinn from Geek Blather (online comic) draws and colors her strips. It's on their site.
I also understand now why Wacom owns the drawing tablet industry. But mine (Trust) is pretty good anyway, I think, and mostly I just need to teach my hand to be steady.

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Madde said...

He's the last of a clan...? What!? Should I know this?