Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Soon vacation. I feel like I've been rather unproductive these last days. No poems, no drawings, nothing valuable to say. I heard EB Games had been looking for personnel, and maybe it's lucky I didn't hear until too late, because if I could have gotten that job... who knows if I'd still be here. Yes, I know, education and all that. But I'm soooo lazy, and I'm not going to be a brainsurgeon anyway. I think when whoever put me together gave me the better parts of my mind, they forgot to give me the necessary parts for survival. Like responsability and disciplin. ^^ Yet I'm here... mostly because it's easy. If walking away was easier than staying, you'd be eating my dust.

Let's make a new banner for the blog.

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Sara said...

A very nice new head banner it is too. Very true saying also.