Thursday, October 18, 2007

On Lunars:

Since I'm pissed as hell at whatever idiot has stolen my PS2 memory card, I really don't feel like elaborating on my mental state. What I really feel like is slowly stabbing someone to death with my fingernails. But nevermind.

Instead, I'll answer some critizism over Falorn.

This is hard without writing an entire essay, but okay. Barbaric: yes. Lunars are rather civilized, but they make an effort to appear simpler in public. They're too proud to sink as low as to appear just stupid, though, so they tend to gravitate toward imitating the "strong and silent" type. The scarce clothing is also a way to show off their tattoos, since more and more complicated tattoos indicate power and authority, as well as a remnant from their tribal days. It is possible by the fact that they have very high resistance to cold. At first sight they may seem *very* barbaric and many fear violence judging them by appearance, but the Lunars emit a friendly, calming aura, especially under moonlight. Get close enough inside that aura, and all you're going to see is a big, blue, favorite uncle, which is a theatre the Lunars are happy to enforce.

Falorn is one of the best, sharpest Lunars. His favorite take on a situation is to rush in to the aid of people (preferrably women) as the perfect, low key gentleman and offer his service to "help" whatever this person may need, only cleverly twisting it to his own advantage. The other Lunars respect his skills, but he is not the most popular character, since sometimes his methods are harsh even for them (which, let me tell you... this guy is not someone you want to meet the real personality of).

Finally, Lunars are vain. They hide it, they deny it, but they are hopelessly vain. The Lunar males noticed that they came off more impressive when they *undressed*, since they are large and muscular of build naturally. (Look at Felahr here -->, he's still a young male, and the other Lunars think he's a skinny mommy's boy.) (The females dress is miles of thin, light cloth draped in all shapes and manners, except the few who fight.)

Blehg... there's loads to say. This is enough to explain the barbaric appearance of them, though. They're not supposed to come off as fair like elves, I hope they didn't in my writing. Just, the aura of a Lunar makes just as much impact on how he appears as his actual features and clothes, only that can't be shown in a picture. And they actually control their auras.

The Reinians have a saying about Lunars: "The only way to know if a Lunar is lying is to kill him. If his ghost seems insulted, then he might have been telling the truth."


Nightflyer said...

Jag brukar klä saker som jag tycker om -och dessutom så är jag galen i kläder-. För mig är det mer impressive med mer kläder än med mindre.

Din förklaring är god nog, jag får väll kasta av lite kläder från mina inre bilder av Falorn och dom andra. Men det som är kvar kommer att vara detaljrikt och intressant! Haha! ^_^ Då kanske jag kan bortse från att de inte har mycket kläder på sig och tycka om dem ändå.

Iceye said...

Tss, vilken attityd... nå, det är också såhär: Lunars uppmuntrar absolut inte sina kvinnor att slåss, även om de är jämlikar inom andra delar av samhället. Och kvinnorna anses också stå i närmare förbund med månen, så de är egentligen värda mer. Därför klär sig kvinnorna i enorma avancerade undersköna skapelser med massor av lager på lager av tunna tyger. (Utom Lavender, då =P) Så det finns fortfarande mycket att tycka om ^^