Thursday, October 11, 2007

Warcraft is dead *sad*

My Wow account expires today and I can't really afford renewing it. Especially as my internet keeps throwing me out every five minutes. Makes it awfully hard to quest, or just survive in general. It sucks, because I was beginning to get my wow inspiration back.

So now my dear lvl 43 warrior will have to wait for me in silence until next year, I think. Unless I move to another room and the new house has better internet, but I doubt that will happen. I can't afford that either, you see. In fact, don't ask, because I can't afford anything. Except candy. Candy takes precedance to everything else. Is precedance a real word or did I just make that one up?

Gimme a minute, have to fetch a notebook from inside, and I'll give you a really cute poem.

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Sara said...

Och en kom just ut i verkligenheten, grattis!! ^_^ välkommen tillbaka.