Friday, October 5, 2007


Therese and Isabell are off to Karlstad to swim, and I don't have a swimsuit so I can't go -_- I sit here and wonder what the hell it is Lisa wants us to do for Naturkunskapen, because all her instructions are completely up the walls, they make sense and all when you listen, but an hour later you think back and go: huh?

Evis is coming after dinner to steal the Sims 2 expantions from me (whoa, I'm confessing a crime on a public blog, how scandalous... though since she's going down with me at least I'll have good-looking company in jail). I think she waited so long because she didn't want me to think she only talks to me because I'm a geek and happen to have what she wants. But the funny thing is, I don't mind if people do that, because only pure embarrassment stop me from going full fledged leech on anyone and everyone around me.

As long as it doesn't demand grand things from them, why not make use of people around you? Friendship is exchange of ideas. Leech-ship is exchange of material possessions. And both doesn't have to be direct, but can be formed based only on common interests, contacts or locations.

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