Monday, October 15, 2007


I hate the color of your eyes
that I can't remember
I hate the stature of your body
not waiting for me at dawn
I hate your silent gaze
that I never understood
I hate the feelings
running through my blood.

I hate the color of your house
it's everywhere to remind me
I hate the smell of your body
that makes me dizzy still
I hate your faked confidence
that somehow made me strong
I hate emotions
stringing me along.

Oh, come on, I can at least mention him in poems, right? Or there won't be many poems here =P


Sara said...

Of course you can, and a beautiful poem it is. And if it's about the person that I think it is, I miss his smell too...Is that strange?

Iceye said...

Mrr, fine, but find your own soon, sweetie. I only share mine for so long.

Sara said...

Don't worry. You know how weird he thinks my fascination with his smell is anyway...