Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Words from Lavender

I still have nothing to write so I'll post an excerpt from chapter 4 that I am exceptionally proud of. ^^

The rest of the day he drew symbols in the sand near the road and connected each one to a sound from his mouth, chaining them together into words and meanings. He showed her how to write her name, and she stared at the strange signs that her own hands had made, who were calling for her from the earth itself. These symbols, in this very order and form, was she, was her and everything she was. Just like the symbols for ‘tree’ incorporated the essence of a tree, and nothing else. A powerful force, that Obon treated most carelessly, hastily scribbling them with a stick.
She was more careful, took her time to form the lines and curves, and watched the word ‘tree’, almost expecting the stem and roots and leaves to spring from the ground. But they didn’t, and she understood that too, eventually, even if Obon said nothing of it. It was not the tree itself that hid within the word, but the spirit of it, a bubbling force swirling invisibly along the spirals of the letters.
And utilizing this force, she could speak.

Soooo... I've actually drawn a Random-Female-Lunar and Keloria today, but on paper, so sorry... but I don't think I could draw those layers and layers of clothes nicely with the tablet. -_- Also I am now editor of the anthology my class writes, collects and prints together. Fun! ^^ Though I don't know what to fill my part of it with: I write novels, not prose or poems, normally. I guess I'll have to write some sort of short story again for it, one that is actually good. =P


Nightflyer said...

Jag tyckte om det här stycket... Väldigt mycket. Det gick in.

Sara said...

Mmm jag har inte läst nån slags kontext men det var verkligen vackert. Påminner mej om något min mor sa när jag var liten: "Sara, när du lär dej läsa ska du se att en helt ny värld kommer att öppna upp sej för dej." Och visst är det sant, ord innehåller mycket ^_^

Iceye said...

Kapitel 4 ger lite plats åt Lavender, som jag verkligen börjar tycka mycket om. ^^ Hehe, jag tycker mer och mer om allihop, faktiskt. Utom Kirya, sadly. Kirya har en bit kvar. =P