Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Machine

Poem made from a manual to a certan machin, translated, but I have not exchanged any words or even word order, only moved the sentences. It was a school-thing (we do so many fun school-things in writing-class) and I think it turned out really cute.

The Machine

WARNING! gasoline
is very flammable.
Do not smoke while filling the tank
nor in the vicinity of the tank.
Do not leave
the machine
without turning off the engine.

Never let children,
or other people who do not know
the machine,
the machine.
Inform every other person who is going to drive
the machine
of the risks involved.

Wear suitable pants and shoes.
Keep hands and feet away from the spinning blades.


Sara said...

Något säger mej att David skulle gilla den dä inte varför men det känns så. Speciellt den sista versen.

Iceye said...

Give it to him, then ^^ Spread the joy of obscure machine poetry!