Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Halloween party 9/11. Nice.

Mikael leaves this Friday, comes back after the break (29/10 - 2/11) a mini-taste of how the spring term will be, since he only stayes until Christmas.

Therese had a presentation today about SAC. Some form of socialistic, half-ass non-political, group for workers who don't believe in capitalism and hierarchy. It was interesting and thought-provoking, and a little scary. I feel our opinions about one or two things might clash a bit, but strangely enough I also feel I - we - could handle that, which is unusual, since I don't like conflicts. Must be beacuse she's so cool =P

I'm going to Uppsala to visit people 30/11 and comes back 3/11. Mmm, long train travels alone. Seriously. The world doesn't offer a better opportunity to think.

I have too many movies to watch. Someone tell me if Planet Terror is worth the time, please?

And that's Falorn, though I'm not completely satisfied with how the clothes turned out. Also, there's no frame of reference here, but he's about 2 meters tall and usually quite looming.


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Nightflyer said...

Eftersom han är en Lunar tror jag inte att du vill att man ska uppfatta honom som barbarisk. Men det gjorde jag när jag såg bilden. -_-'

Han behöver lite mer kläder tror jag. =P