Monday, October 8, 2007

Page 2

Most famous authors follow a distinct pattern: odd as children, bright but fragile through life, finally breaking and commiting suicide. Great. Can I have some more cheerful role models, please?

As for "The last of your clan" on the previous comic page, it's maybe not obvious in the novel, but not overly important either. The human families who belong to different Lifestealers are called clans, and depending on the lifeforce of the clans they are rankedin "quality of blood". The clans often not only keep their masters fed, but also protect their lives and honor, since their well-being depended on them. Obon's clan was chosen specifically for the Guard Captain because they were the highest ranking. So Obon is actually the single highest ranking human in the Midnight City and could have moved to a powerful Lifestealer family when the Guard Captain was exiled, but since he ran away to be with Kirya, as his mother wished, he's thought dead, and people who see him think he's just common trash.

This one was made exclusively in Photoshop, so it looks different from the first. Different programs can do different things, and while Photoshop doesn't have a lot of functions I like with Open Canvas or Manga Studio (or I can't find them) it's best overall. Which sucks. I liked the look of the first page better, but it kept crashing while I drew, so back to PS it is. -_-


Nightflyer said...

That thing she steels the from what is it? O.o Looks alien...

Iceye said...

Demons have a myriad of different appearances, but yes, I have made one mistake; only one kind of demon has white skin, and they're not the kind to live peacefully in Midnight City. I'm too lazy to do something about it, though.