Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Feels like I should give up on even trying to get into bed in time these days (nights). There's too much to do and too much darkness to enjoy. It's like the night can be tasted on the tip of my tongue and it's a drug that I can't live without, even if I feel like shit the morning after.

Some people are smoking the big bad witch-pot over here, I think I know who. And while I don't really care, it annoys me that the school goes all pretentious about prohibiting drugs and alcohol, but when they find out someone's doing drugs, they do virtually nothing. Be an asshole. But be it in the open.

Comment from a loving mother: "There's not a lot of jobs to get that isn't normal nine-to-five."
My rather pissed off answer: "I do intend to look those up anyway."
Sometimes I just wish my parents weren't so completely, utterly, totally, normally, swedishly Svensson. A piece of actually useful advice or at least an opinion that isn't fetched from their own boring growing-ups could be fun once in a while.

If I ever have children, I will so try to look at things from their perspective and encourage them to be themselves, even if that means they rather work nightshift. -_-

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