Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It could be so simple to get along!

I, and everyone here, share bandwidth with all the little houses in the area (of school). Lately it's been close to impossible to even just open blogs, because people are using BitTorrent and the likes. (People, it doesn't matter how fast or slow you download using torrents, it still eats up the bandwidth, through claiming a dozen or more ports!) So today we had a meeting to ask for some common sense.

Walking into the meeting room, you could see from body positions who would protest and who would not (feet on the table is not a good sign). The whole thing, as feared, turned into some kind of throwing around of stupid personal arguments and intentional misunderstandings, when the fact is that we have to share so let's be sensible, and let the downloaders download during the night. Simple enough. But it seems people are just determined to do things the hardest way possible, stepping on everyone's toes. Fine, we got the message through, but we pissed off a few people, and half an hour after we got back to our rooms, internet completely crashed. Tell me it was a coincidence. Just tell me.

And I who was hoping to be able to use MSN again.

Anyway. Some idiot was here last night, really late, sneaking into houses, trying to get into rooms, scaring some people half to death. He didn't belong here, and he hardly made any sense at all. So from now on: locked doors.


Kristin said...

hmm, I thought the main problem with torrents was the client-thing-setting, the more people you allow to connect to you the more bandwidth it takes, because I only have one port open. on the other hand it seems to be worse when the firewall is blocking the traffic... creapy guy huh? not good, lucky you're not alone over there, otherwise I would have to be really worried

Nightflyer said...

Scary. No one recognised him?

There will always be people that think they own everything.

Anton said...

Can't be all that much of a problem to use torrents during the night-time only, to be honest..
Although, the biggest problem with torrents in this case probably isn't the download, but the upload. It's usually easy to limit it, but people don't want to, since it will take longer to get a good ratio. If someone, or a few of them, uses all of your available upload, teh intardnet will be slooow.
No fun for anyone.

Freaky people sneaking into rooms?
Weird. Beat them with a stick.

Kristin said...

And hide the chocolate

Iceye said...

Today NWT had an article about four creepy people sneaking around northern Värmland, one of them a young man (= fitting the description of the guy who was here) and the cops were looking for things to connect them to several instances of things *disappearing* wherever they went.

If I didn't know it's time-and-space impossible, I'd say dad upped the search like crazy just because he heard someone was in here =p

Iceye said...

And, well, if you only have one port open, it only uses one port. Obviously. Or did I miss something there?

And yes, the upload takes insanely much bandwidth as well. Especially since this internet only has 8 down and 1 (1!!!) up.

Anton said...

Exactly, and if your upload is full, it really won't matter all that much if you've got a bunch of down left :P

Weird about the sneaky people, have they been doing this for long?

Iceye said...

Not sure, seemed like it was a matter of a month or so, tops. It was two younger men and an old couple, the men would distract shop personnel and the couple would pocket tings. (Like a portable computer for 15000 bucks... o_O how do you pocket that?)

Anton said...

Woah, $15000?
That's quite a lot for a laptop, shouldn't they, kind of, not have those things lying around?
Pretty much fail on that one.

Iceye said...

uh, that is, swedish crowns, y'know. But still, I would have thought they kept them safe somehow.