Thursday, November 22, 2007

This weekend will be spent:

Eating microwave pizza
Watching Alexander play Resident Evil 4
Picking on Therese until she plays Resident Evil 4
Panic-freezing trying to write for the Christmas compendium
Sleeping through the short, useless hours of daylight
Reading Godchild, basking in blood and death and gore
Basking in blood and death and gore in Resident Evil 4
Repeatedly dying in Resident Evil 4
Eating more microwave pizza

And depending on whether my 1Gb RAM arrives:

Playing F.E.A.R.
Playing Vampire
Playing Sims2
Playing Quake 4
(or maybe just one of them)

And it will be the best weekend ever. ^^


Nallenon said...

I must admit, that does sound like a very well spent weekend.
I might be partial about this, but I had a hard time doing much of anything else while I was playing F.E.A.R., it tended to steal hours by the truckload when I wasn't looking.
Haven't played much of the Resident Evil-series, is it any good?

Iceye said...

The other Resident Evil suffers from the all action-no story type of fear, as well as the movement system of turning, then running, then turning, then shooting, and so on. But that's just me, a lot of people like them.

Now Resident Evil 4, it's much better. For one it has a nice story with enough twists and thought to entertain. For another, the difficulty levels are wonderfully balanced. For a third, the movement is the same, but feels much more fluid and responsive.

Fun fact: in the making of RE4, the previous map-designing team was kicked, and another was hired who had previously worked on making maps for games like Counter-Strike and other multiplayer shooters. Those maps are designed to not have any perfect camping spots, thus things tend to creep up on your back all the time. Hehe. ^^

Kristin said...

Hmm, I don't have the guts to play games that are scary. I played vampire [Masquerade - Bloodlines], but that wasn't very scary. Not hard either. Actually the major reason for not playing that kind of games is that I suck at them. I just die all the time when I try to shoot things. I know that there was something that I was going to tell you. Probably related to a game or a movie or a book. Don't remember wich though. It probably was something unimportant, like always.

Kristin said...

Oh, now I remember. I was going to talk about Bones, but you haven't seen season 3 so it was actually House that I wanted to talk about. Have you seen any of season 4? And don't worry, I won't post anything, that would be rude and evil.

Nallenon said...

I played Bloodlines as well.It wasn't scary, and the only thing that was hard/frustrating/whatever was that the controls were, for some reason, completely unresponsive, so my character would stop sneaking in a straight line thee seconds after I told him to, when he was standing right in front of whoever I was trying to sneak up on. Very interesting, but also a great source of hate.
Also: I just noticed the Iceye's comment on my link over here, that made me laugh as well ;)

Eva said...

I'm scared of bloodlines, mostly because of the turnaround effects. I think I'll stick to reality.

Just related to nothing and btw, I found a guy who's actually quite good at posing. Add to that that he's blond AND quite nice, and loves the subcultures we delve into, I couldn't resist posting a pic.

Here we go.

Over and out.

Nallenon said...

You found what who where?
Not sure if the fact that this is Iceye's blog has something to do with it, but my first reaction was "Cloud".

Eva said...

It really hadn't much to do with it. though, I just had to show her. It was important, and I was desperate. Besides, it was 2:30 am, so I couldn't call her, you know :P

Sara said...

My first thought was Cloud to, but I didn't post it because I was afraid of Da-Ryun screaming out the difference and judging me for all eternity...*sweatdrop* hehe

Iceye said...

Um... *looks the other way* Am I really that much of a Cloud fascist? *looks back* Yeeeaah... I am.

*looks at the picture* ... *Dies*

*is dead*

Nallenon said...

The Chinese One Killed Iceye With Cloud!

Eva said...

Don't die! Sorry! Wasn't my intention! *Resurrects*

Iceye said...

*blinks* heee...eeey... *looks at picture again* *dies of happiness again*

*purrs as a ghost*